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NOS Series Sound meter Terminal and Portable solutions

Introducing the DUTON NOS Series Sound Meters: Precision Measuring Excellence

Elevate your sound measurement experience with the DUTON NOS Series, where cutting-edge technology meets uncompromising quality. Our range of sound meters adheres to the highest international standards, including the IEC 61672-1 for Class 1 and IEC 61672-2 for Class 2 sound meters, ensuring that you receive nothing less than exceptional precision and performance. Explore the exquisite features of our NOS Series models, each crafted to cater to distinct needs, and discover unparalleled accuracy, innovation, and convenience.

NOS45: Class 1 Handheld Sound Meter – Setting the Gold Standard

The NOS45 is the epitome of handheld sound meter technology. Compliant with the rigorous IEC 61672-1 Class 1 standard, it offers a comprehensive suite of global-standard features. Equipped with precision sensors and a user-friendly interface, the NOS45 ensures that your sound measurements are not only accurate but also effortless. This handheld marvel is the pinnacle of premium quality and reliability.

NOS43: Class 1 Station Type System – Power Meets Convenience

For those seeking the versatility of a Class 1 sound meter in a station type system, the NOS43 is the ideal choice. It retains the excellence of its class while offering a slightly more compact feature set. What’s more, it boasts cloud data remote monitoring compatibility, ensuring that you are always connected to your sound data, no matter where you are.

NOS40: Class 1 Outdoor Station Type System – Embrace the Power of IoT

The NOS40, a Class 1 outdoor station type system, redefines sound measurement in open spaces. While its hardware features are fundamental, it unleashes its true potential through the cloud via IoT. Monitor and manage sound data effortlessly while enjoying the ruggedness and reliability you expect from DUTON.

NOS35: Class 2 Handheld Sound Meter – Ideal for Internal Audits

Our NOS35, a Class 2 handheld sound meter, is the perfect tool for internal audits and sound measurement tasks that require precision without the need for Class 1 compliance. Its compact design and ease of use make it an indispensable tool in various professional environments.

Experience the DUTON Difference

At DUTON, we understand the value of precision, quality, and performance. That’s why our NOS Series sound meters are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, meeting and exceeding IEC standards. With IEC 61672-1 and IEC 61672-2 compliance, you can trust that your measurements are always accurate and reliable.

Choose DUTON for sound measurement solutions that exude premium quality and performance. Elevate your sound measurement experience with the NOS Series, where precision meets excellence, all while meeting the highest international standards.

Discover the NOS Series today and experience the DUTON difference for yourself.

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